Safe Spaces Committee

Who We Are

In June 2019, the Safe Spaces Committee conducted a survey of Grant parents to understand perceptions of the challenges students face at school along with parent opinions regarding solutions to those challenges. The committee identified several common challenges-- including issues of staffing, communication, student interactions, and parent participation-- and presented the PTA with possible solutions, all aiming to help Grant students and its community access social-emotional support by providing resources for ally-building, mentoring programs, online safety lessons, improved lunch interactions, and two-way communication channels.

Below are the needs that have been identified along with our assets and solutions as well as resources for both parents and students.

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Vision / Values

Audience - who are we solving the problems for…

  1. Students
  2. Parents


  • Anti-hate memes. Student-created memes around creating allies and safe spaces.
  • Posters. Community-made promoting awareness of Grant values.
  • Parent-days. Days for parents to be involved in class.
  • Talk sessions. Sessions (during or after school) for students to communicate face to face.
  • Mentoring. Mentoring programs and/or mixing the different grades together to evolve leadership capabilities.
  • Cone-zone leadership. Parents or community to direct Cone Zone logistics to alleviate VP responsibilities.
  • Safe Spaces advisor. Focuses on supporting middle-school students and middle-school parents. A middle-school focused faculty or counselor preferred.
  • Morning or lunchtime activities. Morning or lunch runs or coordinated physical activities.
  • In-school planning day for relationships. Allow students to create connections for the year.

Metrics for Success:

Reduce the number of self-harm incidents by 75% in the first year.

Safe Spaces Parent Survey Results 

September Presentation 

Parent and Student Resources:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Teaching Tolerance

The San Diego LGBT Community Center