Funding Allocations

Our 2018/2019 science and technology program funding included:

  • Travel and registration for 3 teachers to attend workshops at the 2018 California Science Teachers Conference in Pasadena
  • Equipment and supplies for the Grant K8 Family Science Night, November  2018
  • Replacement microscopes and a new fridge for the elementary science lab
  • Lego (Duplo) for 1st grade engineering
  • Live plants and critters for elementary grades science lessons
  • Dead critters for middle school dissection
  • Science assemblies for 1st. 3rd and 4th grades
  • Equipment for outdoor/garden science lab (compost bins etc.)
  • Support for the Grant Geckos Science Olymiad team
  • Blue bins for food collection for the CAN engineering challenge/food drive

Equipment purchased for in 2018/2019 the Engineerium (the new Grant K8 coding, technology, engineering design and robotics lab) included:

  • 3 Prusa 3D printers
  • Dremel Laser Cutter and supplies
  • Beanbags
  • Paint & other supplies for lab renovation
  • Lockable tool cabinet and tools
  • Calipers, volt meters and other measurement equipment for students
  • Keva planks for structural engineering unit